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Common Core Multiplication Intervention Activities

Common Core Multiplication Intervention Activities

One of the most difficult concepts for intermediate students (grades 3-5) to master is their multiplication facts. We believe that knowing the facts is a fundamental skill all students should take with them into society. Because of this, we have created numerous activities that you can use in your classroom to help your students master their facts.

Multiplication Task Cards
Included are 12 stations that students can rotate through to help them practice their multiplication facts. Some ideas include: multiplication war, multiplication game boards, multiplication basketball and more. Also included is a student sign in sheet so you can keep track of which stations the students have completed. This is a great way to meet the Math Common Core Standards!

The Great Multiplication Race
This 20-page packet provides students the opportunity to practice their facts in an enjoyable way and hopefully in a non-competive way. Students will work their way through the terrible twos, thrifty threes, fabulous fours... all their way to the mixed mayhem. But wait... the final challenge for the student will be to beat the teacher! This packet inculdes an introduction page, 16 pages of facts and answer key pages (25 facts in 1:00), a basic student roster page, a chart that students keep inside of their desks, and an award page for students who make it through all the facts.

Multiplication Game Boards
Watch your students have fun practicing their multiplication facts from 1-12 with this fun game board. Included is a game board that can be copied off multiple times, and used for students from different levels of mastery. Also included are the game cards for the facts from 1-12. The students can easily cut these out and then get ready to play. As a teacher you will just need some dice and some game pieces for the students to use. This is a fun way for the students to practice their facts instead of flash cards!

Multiplication Project Choices
If your students struggle with their math multiplication facts, then these creative project activity choices are for you! If your students are sick of flash cards, and drills, let them have a choice in their learning in a creative way! There are five great activities in this product. Enjoy

Multiplication Websites and Apps to Use
This provides the teacher with a list of websites that the students can use to play multiplication games on the computer. It also includes some multiplication apps that can be used on electronic devices such as kindle fires, ipods, and ipads.

All of these creative resources will help your students master their basic multiplication facts which will make double digit multiplication and division so much easier. After all, knowing the basic facts are crucial to learning how to divide in the first place!

You can access this common core math resource with over 50 pages by clicking here. 

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