Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Common Core Writing Activities and Holiday Link Up!

The Christmas season is fast approaching. I'm sure you have seen Christmas decorations being displayed as soon as the Halloween ones disappeared almost overnight. As teachers, we always look to the Christmas season as a time of giving. Here is a tip that we do in our classrooms to make the season more about giving then receiving.

Each year, we give our students a free book coupon that they can use out of the Scholastic book orders. We usually have quite a few bonus points accumulated, and allow our students to pick valued up to $4 each. This is a great gift for students. Not only do they get to pick out a book of their choice, but it is a present that will help them to continue to be a better reader, and not a toy or gadget that will be quickly forgotten about. Click here for the FREE cards that we give each student!

We have also created 10 creative Christmas Common Core Writing Activities that would be great to use for writing stations or as assignments during writing class for students in grades 3-5.

Your students will have a blast! Some titles are: The Santa Sled Race, Unemployed Elf, The Great Christmas Capee, and Sick Day for Santa.

Each activity is aligned with at least one Common Core Writing Standard.

Your students will have a blast being able to chose a topic that interests them! You can access the activities by clicking here

Make sure to click on the picture below for other great resources, tips and activities this holiday season from many great teacher authors!
October Learning Freebies

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