Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Inspired Math and Reading Activities

The 2012 Summer Olympics are here and so is the beginning of the school year. Get your students excited for learning by having them participate in the Math Olympics. 

The below Math Olympic activities include: directions on how to conduct the Math Olympics, the problems the students will need to solve, a scoring sheet for the events, a story problem sheet with answer key, and a fact family game sheet with answer key. This is a great way to motivate your students to learn more about the below math operations. This can be easily adapted to fit your students by changing the numbers to make the problems harder or easier if need be since it is in Microsoft Word. Just click on the Olympic activity you want below!

Addition Olympics
Subtraction Olympics
Multiplication Olympics

Probability Olympics
Fraction Olympics

Decimal Olympics

If you want to see your students improve in reading outside of school, the below Olympic themed reading contest may get them fired up to reach the gold medal!

The motivational log for the students allows them to keep track of their minutes. Also included are reading awards (participation, first place, second place and third place), and a class roster sheet for teachers to keep track of minutes. Just click on the link below!

August Reading Olympics Activity

Be sure not to miss out on the excitement of the Olympics and the enthusiasm your students could have in reading and math to begin the school year!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Free Daily 5 Resources for Intermediate Grades

As another school year approaches, we have been working on updating our 18 FREE Daily 5 Resources and hope you can use them in your intermediate classroom. Just click on the titles below and you will be taken to each FREE individual resource. We began the Daily 5 this past school year and found it to be an amazing way to help our students become proficient readers and writers! Enjoy!

Daily 5 Choice Cards for Pocket Charts
Daily 5 Good Fit Books Powerpoint
Daily 5 Signs for Class Library
Daily 5 I PICK Poster
Daily 5 Introduction Powerpoint
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Fiction Worksheet
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Poster
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Nonfiction Worksheet
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Sign Up Chart
Daily 5 Read to Self Poster
Daily 5 Read to Someone Poster
Daily 5 Read to Someone Reminders Poster
Daily 5 Reading Journal
Daily 5 Reflection Sheet for Students
Daily 5 Student Check In Sheet
Daily 5 Weekly Reflection Log
Daily 5 Word Work Poster
Daily 5 Work on Writing Poster

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to School To Do List

Thanks to Lorraine Palmer Vasquez over at Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies for the inspiring idea of making a "to do" list for this coming school year.

I can remember my first few years of teaching back in 1997 and 1998 and how tough it was to get my elementary classroom ready each year. In 1999, I finally began to make a checklist of items that I needed to do at the beginning of the school year. This list has not only helped me become more organized but has saved me a ton of time as well!

I hope you can use this checklist as a way to help prepare your classroom as well. I've included a link to the checklist in Microsoft Word format as well so you can change it if you need to fit your classroom needs.

Beginning of The Year Checklist

___ buy a planner for the school year-write in important dates
___ write parent and student welcome letters to mail over summer (get envelopes/stamps)
___ get birthdays of students (buy pencils, make certificates) and put dates into planner
___ finalize schedule for the school year
___ make nametags for students
___ write students’ names on one set of Popsicle sticks for calling names
___ Make a student of the week spotlight list
___ decorate door with a welcome message
___ get beginning of year 5th grade booklet ready (talks about subjects, expectations…)
___ write morning message first day of school
___ have assignment notebook ready to model for 1st day
___ put student names on assignment notebooks/school folders/workbooks/manila folders
___ hook up all computers
___ plan first week’s lessons
___ revise substitute folder (include new schedule, class roster, allergies of students…)
___ organize class library and print off check out sheets
___ run off multiplication flash cards that students can take home and put in envelopes
___ confirm guidance and library times with teachers
___ Daily 5 plan for the first few weeks of school
___ order reading/math/social studies books/workbooks for new students
___ order cm grid paper and dot paper for math
___ type up the morning meeting share list alphabetically by student last name
___ write names for class jobs w/ vis a vis pen on laminated pencils for class jobs bull. bd
___ update crisis folder-new roster, emergency school closing form for parent contacts
___ talk to previous grade level about seating chart and behavior issues
___ buy a bag of jolly ranchers for guessing jar for students on the first day
___ post ABC all about me for me to share about myself (get student paper ready)
___ stuff home folders with forms for the first day of school
___ get Restitution 5 needs cut outs ready and 5 pieces of tag
___ get cardstock for tent name cards for students
___ sharpen pencils so have a huge supply ready
___ collect parent emails for distribution list to send frequent email messages home

I hope you can find this list useful. Please let me know if there are items on your back to school to do list that I missed. Here is to a great school year!