Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Freebies!

Who doesn't love freebies? I know when they put samples out at various grocery stores, there is an immediate rush to get in line for the free food.

We are hoping that you can find some useful activities for your intermediate classrooms. We have FREE activities for reading, writing, math, some holidays and much much more!

One of our top free downloads is our Guided Reading Tips, Hints, Strategies, Activities and Ideas for the intermediate grade (3-5) teacher. This 9-page document will provide you with numerous ways of how to teach guided reading in your classroom. Also included in this free document is a 3-page Reading Workshop activity that your students will enjoy. You can access the FREE document by clicking on the picture below.
You can access over 40 of our free activities on teacherspayteachers by clicking here. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Intermediate Grade Class Photos of Guided Reading and Classroom Library Areas

 We would like to share a few photos from our classrooms so you can see how we arrange our class library, and organize our guided reading materials for our groups.

Managing the materials for guided reading groups has always been a challenge. A teaching colleague came up with a great idea. All of our classrooms still have chalkboards at the back of our rooms. So this teacher designed a place to store up to 5 guided reading group materials by using simple materials. First we purchased some two by fours, bolts, washers, and plastic bins. Then with the help of some other teachers, they were clamped and bolted through the chalk trays as you can see below. This is great for guided reading groups because when one group is done, the teacher can just grab the next group's materials right from behind him/her. It has been a time and space saver!

The next picture shows a continuation of the chalkboard with some smaller bins. Each bin has a Daily 5 choice card (click here to get our FREE cards) that the students pick each morning to put in the pocket chart that you can see as well. We hold the students accountable for their three choices each day. They love to be able to have choice in their day. We also have extra bins with the color of their group, so on a day that they meet with us, they put the color as one of their choices and then pick two other Daily 5 choices.

The third picture shows how our classroom library is arranged. We do not have a lot of space in our rooms, so we have two mobile bookshelves where we keep the books that students can check out. We have them divided into bins by genre and topic. This makes the books more appealing and accessible for students as well. Due to the limited space in students desks, we also purchased individual book bins (as you can see on the tops of the bookshelves) where students can keep their independent reading books. They love this!

Those were a few photos of how we arrange some important areas in our room. We hope that they were useful to you and that maybe it will make organizing your rooms easier too!